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Rebuilding the Google Homepage
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Brief intro:

I've begun my coding journey 3 days ago without any prior knowledge of programming whatsoever. This is my first attempt at (re-)creating something.

The goal of this project is to create the using what I learned about HTML/CSS.

This project is inspired by The Odin Project. More info can be found on their website: From The Odin Project's (

Conclusion and final thoughts:

Skills involved:

  • Using div to separate sections
  • Grabbing URL and images of an existing webpage
  • Creating a horizontal navbar and a footer
  • Using classes & ids for CSS styling
  • Centering elements horizontally and vertically
  • Building a very basic form
  • Floating elements
  • Using developer tools to grab CSS style and code

All in all, I took around 4 hours to complete the project with minimal external help (besides Google).

I must say I am quite satisfied with the end result especially since this was my very first project. There are some slight variations with the font type, but my assumptions is that it is due to browser settings. I'm sure I'll learn more about those as I go along.

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