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foxxy is a simple tool which help you starting with your single page application using ArangoDB / Foxx for backend and API, riotjs for views and brunch to build your assets.



$ npm install foxxy -g

Configurating application

$ foxxy new demo_app --database demoapp
$ cd demo_app/
$ yarn install

Symlink to your foxx folder

To simplify your work, create a symlink from your arangodb foxx folder to your app foxx folder

Creating a new application

First create a database called demoapp within ArangoDB Web UI

$ foxxy new demo_app --database demoapp

This will create a new folder named 'demo_app' which will contain everything you need to start your new app.

Install depedencies

$ cd demo_app

$ npm install

Creating your first CRUD

$ foxxy g crud post

Please use singular for your model name.

Ok now you have your first CRUD created.

Compile the app

Dev mode

$ yarn start will start the live reloader and a server.


To deploy your app, you'll need ruby and mina gem

Check config/deploy.rb and adapt it to your needs.

Then run : $ mina deploy

It will compile assets for production env and deploy code (app & Foxx services)


  • Use jwtTokens to avoid nginx _db mounting point