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Paypal NVP API Class
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Paypal NVP

Paypal NVP allow to connect your Ruby on Rails application to the Paypal NVP API.


The recommended way is that you get the gem:

$ sudo gem install paypal_nvp

PaypalNVP need an optional paypal.yml file in your config directory (Rails App). Or you can specify parameter within the constructor

# All those fields are mandatory

  url:  ""
  user: ""
  pass: "1237393093"
  cert:  "AU2Yv5COwWPCfeYLv34Z766F-gfNAzX6LaQE6VZkHMRq35Gmite-bMXu"

  url:  ""
  user: ""
  pass: "1237393093"
  cert:  "AU2Yv5COwWPCfeYLv34Z766F-gfNAzX6LaQE6VZkHMRq35Gmite-bMXu"

Example usage

p = # true mean "use sandbox"
# Or you can specify paramaters directly
# p =, { :user => "", :pass => "1237393093", :cert => "AU2Yv5COwWPCfeYLv34Z766F-gfNAzX6LaQE6VZkHMRq35Gmite-bMXu", :url => "" })
data = {
  :version => "50.0", # Default is 50.0 as well... but now you can specify it
  :method => "MyPaypalMethod",
  :amt => "55"
  # other params needed
result = p.call_paypal(data) # will return a hash
puts result["ACK"] # Success

PAYPAL API Documentation

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