Repository to host powershell dsc script to setup a jenkins server.
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Repository to host powershell dsc script to setup a jenkins server.


There are three separated steps how to use

  1. Install Modules for DSC
  2. Install build server
  3. Protect build server with IIS reverse proxy

Install Modules

Use install-modules in the machine where you start DSC configuration (currently locally in the target machine)

Install Jenkins

Before you run jenkins_dsc make sure that you alter default password from groovy file and dsc file. Use jenkins_dsc to do the installation magic:

  • Installl .NET
  • Install Choco
  • Install Java
  • Install node
  • Install python
  • Install visual studio
  • Install visual studio web extension
  • Install visual studio data extension
  • Install notepad++
  • Add Java to path
  • Install Jenkins
  • Setup Jenkins startup arguments for more ram, 80 port and to skip setup wizard
  • Create initialization script with groovy for creating jenkins user
  • Set Jenkins service to Automatic state and make sure that it is running
  • Install jenkins plugins

IIS reverse proxy setup

Before running iis_reverse_proxy_dsc download corresponding pfx to the running folder and alter the thumbprint to match it Use iis_reverse_proxy_dsc to install HTTPS certificate

  • Install .NET
  • Install choco
  • Install .NET 4.5
  • Install IIS and few features to it
  • Install ARR and Url Rewrite
  • Remove default website
  • Create website for proxying connections
  • Make HTTP to HTTPS redirect rule
  • Set up ARR proxy setting for TLS offloading
  • Create url rewrite rules for proxytunnel