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hackmit '16 hack that increases awareness about conversation domination
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Made at HackMIT '16

We've all been in a situation where some of the participants in a meeting or group project are dominating the discussion, while others are rarely getting the chance to make their opinions heard. Oftentimes, individuals do not realize how much they are talking relative to others in the group - this issue is particularly relevant to underrepresented and minority groups, who may have trouble speaking out in such settings.

Conversationalist aims to solve, or at least increase awareness of, this problem by combining microphone information from each participant's smartphone/laptop in order to display a dynamic infographic that uses the brightness of each user's name to highlight those who should be given an opportunity to contribute more.

NOTE: In order for the JS to access microphone data, you will need to go to chrome://flags and enable Experimental Web Platform Features.

Try it out here!

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