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Convert pip's packages to Arch Linux's PKGBUILDs
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Pipman generates PKGBUILD from pip packages. You can use the generated PKGBUILD as a base to submit a new python package to AUR or just install it on you machine.


You can install:

Install the colorama module if you want to colorize the output


The following generates PKGBUILDs for MechanicalSoup and pyrasite packages from pip:

pipman MechanicalSoup pyrasite

Then you should see the directories python-MechanicalSoup and python-pyrasite in the current directory, each containing its PKGBUILD.

You can also specify where you want the PKGBUILDs to be generated:

pipman MechanicalSoup pyrasite --target-dir=/tmp/

You can search for pip packages with the argument -Ss:

pipman -Ss sympy

You can install the generated PKGBUILD automatically with the argument -S:

pipman -S sympy

Pipman keeps track of the packages installed using the -S option. You can update these packages with the following command:

pipman -Su

Check pipman --help for more features.


  • Thanks to n3f4s for the auto-install feature.
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