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Configurable Github Personal Feed & more
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This is a prototype of a web app that gives you the ability to customize your GitHub News Feed by setting up various filters and rules. As a user you are able to set global and per project filters. For instance you might want to hide all the wiki edit events or maybe display only tag creation events for a given project etc. You get the idea.


Because even though I don't follow many people and watch many projects I tend to miss a lot of important information. I want to be up-to-date with what's going on in the OSS world that I'm watching but Github News Feed shows me way too much stuff I don't want to see. I also want to have certain information highlighted in some way or be notified about them so I can be sure I won't miss anything. That's really it.

Status and plans

In the beginning I want to create basic functionality that is focused on filtering the events. However, that's not everything - I got lots of ideas about possible new features that might be quite useful to the developers using Github every day. I started by doing a simple prototype just to show it to some people and get an initial feedback so I can become confident that the thing really makes sense :)

First release will include following features:

  • Signing up with Github account
  • Setting global filter rules
  • Setting filter rules per project that you're watching
  • Atom feed of your customized news feed

Then we will see!

The only caveat is that you need to provide your private news feed url as it's something Gitub's API doesn't provide (yet?).

Here's how it looks like at the moment:


Patches are mostly welcome. You can do it like that:

fork => patch => send me a pull request

Seriously. Thanks!

Oh it's a Rails3 app using DataMapper as the ORM. Fun! Isn't it?


Githuboard uses the MIT license. Please check the LICENSE file for more details.

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