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=== v0.0.5 to-be-released
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Moved Virtus.determine_type to Virtus::Attribute.determine_type (dkubb)
* [general] Added backports as a development dependency (dkubb)
=== v0.0.4 2011-07-08
* [BREAKING CHANGE] attributes hash has been replaced by a specialized class AttributeSet (dkubb)
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Virtus::ClassMethods.attribute returns self instead of a created attribute
* [changed] descendants tracking has been extracted into DescendantsTracker module (dkubb)
* [changed] Instance #primitive? method has been replaced by class utility method Virtus::Attribute.primitive?
* [changed] Virtus::Attribute::String#typecast_to_primitive delegates to
=== v0.0.3 2011-06-09
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Attribute classes were moved to Virtus::Attribute namespace
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Attribute instance no longer holds the reference to a model
* [BREAKING CHANGE] #typecast no longer receives an instance of a model (override #set which calls #typecast if you need that)
* [changed] Adding reader/writer methods was moved from the attribute constructor to Virtus::ClassMethods.attribute
* [changed] Typecast logic has been moved into separate classes (see Virtus::Typecast)
* [added] Virtus::Attribute::DateTime#typecast supports objects which implement #to_datetime
* [general] Internals have been cleaned up, simplified and properly documented
=== v0.0.2 2011-06-06
* [bugfix] Fixed #typecast in custom attribute classes
=== v0.0.1 2011-06-04
First public release :)
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