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Commits on May 01, 2012
@senny senny ignore binstubs generated by bundle --binstubs 484a454
@senny senny integration spec to illustrate ValueObject duplication 559960f
Commits on May 08, 2012
@solnic Bump version to 0.4.2 2240efa
@solnic Bump backports dep to ~> 2.5.3 45d557e
@solnic Changelog update 558709d
Commits on May 11, 2012
@solnic Bump guard-rspec dep 538022e
@solnic Allow any input for EmebddedValue or ValueObject constructor, not jus…
…t Hash

Closes #88
@solnic Bump version to 0.4.3 7a02c9f
@solnic Update 4726730
Commits on May 13, 2012
@solnic Add support for Struct as an EmmbeddedValue or ValueObject 5910243
@solnic Add an integration spec for Struct as an EV 1d8763e
@solnic Dooh, fix spec for 1.8.7 9591d72
@solnic Fix typo 2e966c9
@solnic Bump version to 0.5.0 0d00ed1
@solnic Update Changelog 1fd6db7
Commits on May 17, 2012
@senny senny ValueObject #clone and #dup return self 0402b3e
@dkubb dkubb Merge pull request #87 from senny/topic/value_object_copies
ValueObject should not be duplicated
@solnic Update b97afea
Commits on May 18, 2012
@solnic Initial work on Virtus modules 5600671
@solnic No idea why I added reverse there fb30a55
Commits on Jun 04, 2012
@snusnu snusnu Bump backports dep to ~> 2.6.1
This makes virtus coexist peacefully with lastest
dm-core and veritas related master sources.
@solnic Merge pull request #91 from snusnu/bump_backports
Bump backports dep to ~> 2.6.1
@solnic Make Virtus work with classes, instances and modules (messy spike com…
@solnic Merge branch 'master' into modules-spike 6f5924e
@solnic Add more use cases to the using modules integration spec 8f3c2a6
@dkubb dkubb Rename ClassExtensions to ClassInclusions
* Change so that ClassInclusions is included, since it mostly just extends the
  descendant and adds instance methods.
@solnic Remove AllowedWriterMethods 7e30658
@solnic Move allowed_writer_methods down a bit 76e6a35
@dkubb dkubb Remove unecessary line from protected method e256f84
@dkubb dkubb Change methods to be private d81ac7d
@dkubb dkubb Add @api private doc to public_method_list e01b2d1
@dkubb dkubb Fix whitespace 342cb26
@solnic Rename _attributes to attribute_set 371c2c9
Commits on Jun 06, 2012
@solnic Bump guard-rspec version dep a643942
@solnic Merge branch 'master' into modules-spike 6d03269
Commits on Jun 08, 2012
@apotonick apotonick be kind and call super in ModuleExtensions#extended and #included to …
…allow other frameworks hooking into extention mechanism, too.
@solnic Merge pull request #92 from apotonick/modules-spike
Call super when extending
@solnic Fix Virtus.extended visibility 04f8567
@solnic Rename InstanceExtensions to just Extensions 023fdee
@solnic Fix visibility of Extensions.extended 76acc2d
@solnic Adjust flay threshold 57706fa
@solnic Raise argument error if Virtus is being included into an unsupported …
@solnic Go back to 100% doc coverage 3615ab4
@solnic Simplify Virtus.included (that case statement made no sense) 15ad0b5
@solnic Merge pull request #90 from solnic/modules-spike
Support extending modules and instances :gift:
@solnic Update README with modules and instances examples 96bffb4
@solnic Fix headers in README 28a01ee
@solnic Deprecate ClassMethods.attributes 68ce27f
@solnic Update changelog c28f9a6
@solnic Changelog update 45d6536
@solnic Fix example in README 9709ddc
@dkubb dkubb Add heading for class usage be9930d
@dkubb dkubb Update Copyright year 405ef9d
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
@solnic Handle nil values properly in EV
[fixes #94]
@solnic Bump version to 0.5.1 6a04d15
@solnic Changelog update dcdbb3c
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