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bazel build -c dbg :envoy --jobs=$[$(nproc --all)-2]

In the command above jobs is set to number of CPUs minus 2. This should help keep your laptop alive.

Optimized with debug symbols

bazel build -c opt :envoy
objcopy --only-keep-debug bazel-bin/envoy bazel-bin/envoy.debug
strip -g bazel-bin/envoy -o bazel-bin/envoy.striped

Upload debug symbols to s3

Create bucket (only one time):

aws s3 mb s3://


BUILDID=$(readelf -n ./bazel-bin/envoy|grep "Build ID:" |cut -f2 -d:|tr -d ' ')
aws s3 cp bazel-bin/envoy.debug s3://$BUILDID/envoy.debug

Check stamp

Builds are stampped with the commit hash. to see the stamp:

eu-readelf -n bazel-bin/envoy
  GNU                   20  GNU_BUILD_ID
    Build ID: 45c2b7a08b480aae64cf8bb1360aea9bc0cd0576

Bazel dependencies, tips

  • Dependencies
    • ninja
  • Troubleshooting
    • remove build artifacts: bazel clean --expunge
    • update bazel


bazel test -c dbg //test/... --jobs=$[$(nproc --all)-2]

Test and e2e

bazel test -c dbg //test/... //e2e/... --jobs=$[$(nproc --all)-2]

Format fix

BUILDIFIER=$GOPATH/bin/buildifier CLANG_FORMAT=clang-format /path/to/envoy/tools/ fix --skip_envoy_build_rule_check

Submit a build

gcloud builds submit --project=solo-public --config=cloudbuild.yaml \
   --substitutions=COMMIT_SHA=$(git rev-parse HEAD) .

ARM Support (Experimental)

Support to target arm64 architectures, such as the Raspberry Pi 2 (v1.2) 3 & 4, is HIGLY EXPERIMENTAL These builds need to be executed on a machine with the same target architecture to produce the desired outcome. (WARNING: If building on Raspberry Pi 4 or other equivalent SBC, using the 8GB version is recommended. To produce gloo-envoy builds, 4GB might not be enough, especially when including tests)


This method is intended to produce a gloo-envoy binary without performing tests (Might take approx. 12h to complete on a Raspberry Pi)

make fast-build-arm

Build release version

Produces and tests a gloo-envoy build.

make build-arm

Docker Release for ARM

You can optionally set your own registry to push gloo-envoy images by setting the REGISTRY environment variable or passing it as input. It defaults to

make docker-release-arm