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* add new meshctl command

* fix compile issues

* changelog and regenerate

* regen again

* Fix bug in output when no resources found in all namespaces

* Rename meshctl -> openmeshctl

* Bump skv2 for v1 CRDs. Update pkg refs to openmeshctl.

* Implement demo create and demo destroy

* Docsgen

* fix openmeshctl demo

* Codegen

* Update setup script

* Agent chart flag

* Default cluster context

* Update install script

* Fix version mismatches

* openmeshctl- fix e2e tests (#1922)

* empty commit- open PR

* fix several --context bugs

* install in the right KubeContext

* fix unit test

* idk, try this hacky fix

* fix unit test compilation

* try changing mesh name for e2e tests

* drop istio 1.7 testing

* cleaner fix for unit test timezone issue

* bump external-apis and skv2 to match GME while we're here

* e2e setup- serviceaccount and secrets fixed

* pass through remoteContext to ClusterRegistry

* just trying something

* fix failure message?

* fix failure message

* properly pass values file to helm?

* install using secrets

* use different client for different installs/contexts

* clean up, deregister and uninstall from right context

* generated code, changelog

* stop conflating context and cluster name

* generated code

* pass through remoteContext to ClusterDeregistry

* add note to help text to avoid 'no matches for kind KubernetesCluster' error

Co-authored-by: soloio-bulldozer[bot] <48420018+soloio-bulldozer[bot]>

* fix changelogs


Co-authored-by: soloio-bulldozer[bot] <48420018+soloio-bulldozer[bot]>
Co-authored-by: Shane O'Donnell <>
Co-authored-by: arianaw66 <>
Co-authored-by: arianaw66 <>

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Gloo Mesh is a Kubernetes-native management plane that enables configuration and operational management of multiple heterogeneous service meshes across multiple clusters through a unified API. The Gloo Mesh API integrates with the leading service meshes and abstracts away differences between their disparate APIs, allowing users to configure a set of different service meshes through a single API. Gloo Mesh is engineered with a focus on its utility as an operational management tool, providing both graphical and command line UIs, observability features, and debugging tools.


Welcome to Gloo Mesh


Multi-mesh and multi-cluster

A core feature of Gloo Mesh is its ability to configure and manage multiple service mesh deployments across multiple clusters. The Gloo Mesh API provides an abstraction that allows users to configure groups of meshes as a single entity without having to deal with the underlying network configuration complexities.

Heterogeneous meshes

Gloo Mesh supports industry leading service mesh solutions. Its simple and powerful unified API allows users to easily utilize a variety of different service meshes without requiring expertise in any specific service mesh implementation.

Simple and powerful API

Gloo Mesh offers an API that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use without sacrificing functionality. Inherently complex service mesh configuration concepts (such as network routing, access control, security, etc.) are presented in a coherent representation supported by detailed, exhaustive documentation.


Welcome to the Gloo Mesh Community! This is a project for people and companies interested in Gloo Mesh. The community is open to all so please feel free to share with colleagues and friends interested in learning more and getting involved.

Code of Conduct

We believe in fostering an open and welcoming environment and pledge to ensure participation in this project and community is a harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

Read the full code of conduct and contact to report any instances that violate the CoC or with any questions.


There are many ways to get involved in an open source community and contribute to the project. Watch this talk to learn more about the architecture and how it works.

  • Code: If you're looking to hack on service mesh, check out the code and the contribution guide here and look for the good first issue and help wanted labels in the GitHub issues.
  • Docs: Contribute to the Docs or file issues for any docs bugs or requests here.
  • Talks and Blogs: If you are interested in writing or speaking about Gloo Mesh and would like access to content, images or help, DM us here. Share your demos, tutorials and content back to the community.

Questions and Resources

If you have questions, please join the #Gloo-Mesh channel in the community slack. More information is available on the website and in the docs


Reporting security issues: We take Gloo Mesh's security very seriously. If you've found a security issue or a potential security issue in Gloo Mesh, please DO NOT file a public Github issue, instead send your report privately to