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syntax = "proto3";
option go_package = "";
import "gogoproto/gogo.proto";
import "google/protobuf/duration.proto";
import "google/protobuf/wrappers.proto";
option (gogoproto.equal_all) = true;
// Fine tune the settings for connections to an upstream
message ConnectionConfig {
// Maximum requests for a single upstream connection (unspecified or zero = no limit)
uint32 max_requests_per_connection = 1;
// The timeout for new network connections to hosts in the cluster
google.protobuf.Duration connect_timeout = 2 [ (gogoproto.stdduration) = true ];
// If set then set SO_KEEPALIVE on the socket to enable TCP Keepalives.
// see more info here:
message TcpKeepAlive{
// Maximum number of keepalive probes to send without response before deciding the connection is dead.
uint32 keepalive_probes = 1;
// The number of seconds a connection needs to be idle before keep-alive probes start being sent. This is rounded up to the second.
google.protobuf.Duration keepalive_time = 2 [ (gogoproto.stdduration) = true ];
// The number of seconds between keep-alive probes. This is rounded up to the second.
google.protobuf.Duration keepalive_interval = 3 [ (gogoproto.stdduration) = true ];
// Configure OS-level tcp keepalive checks
TcpKeepAlive tcp_keepalive = 3;
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