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syntax = "proto3";
option go_package = "";
import "gogoproto/gogo.proto";
option (gogoproto.equal_all) = true;
import "";
// Static upstreams are used to route request to services listening at fixed IP/Addresses.
// Static upstreams can be used to proxy any kind of service, and therefore contain a ServiceSpec
// for additional service-specific configuration.
// Unlike upstreams created by service discovery, Static Upstreams must be created manually by users
message UpstreamSpec {
// A list of addresses and ports
// at least one must be specified
repeated Host hosts = 1;
// Attempt to use outbound TLS
// Gloo will automatically set this to true for port 443
bool use_tls = 3;
// An optional Service Spec describing the service listening at this address service_spec = 5;
// Use http2 when communicating with this upstream
bool use_http2 = 6;
// Represents a single instance of an upstream
message Host {
// Address (hostname or IP)
string addr = 1;
// Port the instance is listening on
uint32 port = 2;