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Manifest Test Library

This package contains some utils for easily parsing installation manifests (i.e. Helm-generated yaml files) and writing tests against those manifests. This is to ensure your Helm chart is properly linted and meets expectations.


  • Define a test suite that parses a manifest, for example see test/example_suite_test.go.
  • Define a test file that tests the manifest, for example see test/example_test.go.

These tests should be very concise based on the resource builder utilities provided.


In the short term, the goal is increasing test coverage of helm charts that are published by different projects. Some useful extensions in the future would include:

  • Extra utilities for helping test helm charts with different values overrides.

It may make sense to turn this into a Helm chart generator in the future, to the extent that process can be simplified (see for more info about the Solo common build SDK).

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