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syntax = "proto3";
option go_package = "";
import "gogoproto/gogo.proto";
option (gogoproto.equal_all) = true;
* Metadata contains general properties of resources for purposes of versioning, annotating, and namespacing.
message Metadata {
Name of the resource.
Names must be unique and follow the following syntax rules:
One or more lowercase rfc1035/rfc1123 labels separated by '.' with a maximum length of 253 characters.
string name = 2;
// Namespace is used for the namespacing of resources.
string namespace = 3;
// An opaque value that represents the internal version of this object that can
// be used by clients to determine when objects have changed.
string resource_version = 4 [(gogoproto.moretags) = "testdiff:\"ignore\""];
// Map of string keys and values that can be used to organize and categorize
// (scope and select) objects. Some resources contain `selectors` which
// can be linked with other resources by their labels
map<string, string> labels = 5;
// Annotations is an unstructured key value map stored with a resource that may be
// set by external tools to store and retrieve arbitrary metadata.
map<string, string> annotations = 6;