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mitchdraft use debugger interface (#81)
* disambiguate ports, notes on psuedoterminal

* choose debugger

* script for easier redeployment

* fix go-java example, helper script, notes

* updated interface, java + dlv wip

* update dlv impl to fix dlv, pass through pseudoterminal as well

* jdb working

* remove old comments

* read remote port from CRD

* trigger ci

* test - bump ci

* update github token

* disable unused vscode token

* dep ensure during cloud build

* minimal cloud build

* pass TAG_NAME

* remove unused token

* update project root

* add dep cache

* pre-dep cache

* tell dep builder where to work from

* remove symlink, exclude vscode dir

* notes on demo microservice

* preview deployment option, helper scripts

* support jdb in secure mode

* reduce permissions on Squash

* reduce permissons on plank pods

* prelim clean of makefile

* fix demo tag

* split debugger interface to local and remote

* move debugger-specific content to debugger interface

* rename debug-container plank

* disambiguate pkg name: kube -> plank

* remove old cmds and rest artifacts

* update readme with image

* tweak readme headline

* wait for pod to be created before expecting crd

* list attachments command

* design for updated api

* notes on system components, prelim api spec

* don't delete crd after plank process finishes, update makefile

* cleanup resources from squashclt on exit

* create permissions from squashctl

* update task list

* generate the v2 api so we can start using it

* describe new use of old field

* wip - labels on debug attachment, Intent utils, cli utils

* fix flow in secure mode

* fix basic mode

* remove debug stmts

* support for headless java debugging and shell completion

* update checklist

* remove old code, refactor java local attach, dev helpers in Makefile

* rename agent

* regen docs

* update docs TOC, remove old script

* remove old resources, update names in old tests


* secure mode docs

* clean up proto, add code generation to makefile, remove stale file

* depointer daClient, remove unused function

* remove unused plank env vars

* init kubeclient in startup, query for DA instead of passing values along

* clean up wait for debug server address

* make ns before resoruces, fix makefile, catch pointers

* remove debug code, clean up return args

* update solo-kit version

* tweak cloudbuild

* add project root to cloudbuild go

* wait for dep

* set gopath in cloudbuild

* use go-make

* cloud build with protoc gogo?

* fix id spelling error

* w/o cache

* pin repos

* fix cloudbuild waits

* check format make target

* fix format check

* fix check code script

* include version in cloudbuild

* changelog, tmp disable vscode build

* increase timeout to 20min
Latest commit 97db342 Feb 27, 2019

Java Service 2

Java implementation of Service 2 with the bug


Build the deployment Jar file by running

mvn package


Run the service with Java by running

java -jar target/service2-1.0-SNAPSHOT-shaded.jar


  • test with:
curl --header "Content-Type: application/json"   --request POST   --data '{"Op1":"4","Op2":5,"IsAdd":"true"}'   http://localhost:8080/calculate
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