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syntax = "proto3";
option go_package = "";
import "gogoproto/gogo.proto";
option (gogoproto.equal_all) = true;
import "";
import "";
import "";
import "";
import "";
// security rules apply ALLOW policies to communication in a mesh
// security rules specify the following:
// ALLOW those requests:
// - originating from from **source pods**
// - sent to **destination pods**
// - matching one or more **request matcher**
// if no security rules are present, all traffic in the mesh will be set to ALLOW
message SecurityRule {
option ( = "sr";
option ( = "securityrules";
// Status indicates the validation status of this resource.
// Status is read-only by clients, and set by supergloo during validation status = 100 [(gogoproto.nullable) = false];
// Metadata contains the object metadata for this resource metadata = 101 [(gogoproto.nullable) = false];
// target where we apply this rule. this can be a mesh group or an individual mesh target_mesh = 1;
// requests originating from these pods will have the rule applied
// leave empty to have all pods in the mesh apply these rules
// note that security policies are mapped to source pods by their
// service account. if other pods share the same service account,
// this security rule will apply to those pods as well.
// for fine-grained security policies, ensure that your
// service accounts properly reflect the desired
// boundary for your security rules
PodSelector source_selector = 2;
// requests destined for these pods will have the rule applied
// leave empty to apply to all destination pods in the mesh
PodSelector destination_selector = 3;
// Optional. A list of HTTP paths or gRPC methods to allow.
// gRPC methods must be presented as fully-qualified name in the form of
// "/packageName.serviceName/methodName" and are case sensitive.
// Exact match, prefix match, and suffix match are supported for paths.
// For example, the path "/books/review" matches
// "/books/review" (exact match), or "/books/*" (prefix match),
// or "*/review" (suffix match).
// If not specified, it allows to any path.
repeated string allowed_paths = 4;
// Optional. A list of HTTP methods to allow (e.g., "GET", "POST").
// It is ignored in gRPC case because the value is always "POST".
// If set to ["*"] or not specified, it allows to any method.
repeated string allowed_methods = 5;
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