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Installing UniK



$ git clone
$ cd unik
$ make # or 'make binary'; see the notes below
$ _build/unik
Unik is a tool for compiling application source code
into bootable disk images. Unik also runs and manages unikernel
instances across infrastructures.

Note that make will pre-pull a number of large docker containers unik needs in order to run. In order to skip pre-pulling (as you may not require all of these containers), you can replace make with make binary. Note that the first time unik requires a specific docker image, it will pull that image.

This will place the unik executable at unik/_build/unik. Run UniK commands with ./_build/unik, or move the binary to somewhere in your path, such as /usr/local/bin to run commands from anywhere with unik [command]

Continue to configuration to learn how to configure your UniK setup

Building Containers from Source

By default, make will pull all of the necessary container images from Docker Hub. If you wish to build containers from sources, you will need:

$ make containers


unik binary
$ make uninstall
UniK docker containers
$ make remove-containers