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New projects with Gulp v1.6

Set up

  1. Clone files to a new directory
  2. cd to the this directory via command line/terminal
  3. Run yarn to get your node_modules (default .gitignore)
  4. Check package.json and make changes in general info, paths, vars and url where needed
  5. Run gulp commands to start developing

Gulp commands

  • To run an active watch with BrowserSync, run gulp watch
  • To only run the JS files: gulp script
  • To only run the SASS files: gulp style
  • To only run the Pug files: gulp pug
  • To only run the image files: gulp images
  • To only run the favicon files: gulp favicon
  • To only run the font files: gulp font


  • dev: Add any and all development content here. Pug for html templates
    • css: Contains all modular files, loading in in the main.scss file
    • favicon: Contains all favicon files. Will just copy/paste everything over.
    • images: Contains all images. Using subfolder is allowed. Optimization will happen later
    • js: Contains all js files via requires in the main.js file
    • views:: All files and folders are copied from this location, from Pug to HTML format, excluding files from the _layout folder
  • build: All dev changes are tracked in the build folder. These files are compiled for web friendly viewing. This is the working test directory when running a local server.
  • dist: All build files are compiled for final host purposes in the dist folder. These files (css, js, html & images) are optimized for the web (minified & concatenated). Paths are changed where needed to fit the need of the server. Before upload this folder is emptied and after upload this folder is deleted.

Don't forgets..

  • Replace the Google key in your package.json file when going live
  • Leave the $path var to it's default value if your site exists in the root

To publish via Netlify

  • Setup the website on Netlify and verify all details. Add those A records to your hosting company.
  • Simply push to master branch to trigger the gulp command gulp publish and let Netlify do all the rest

For more information

Version 1.1

  • Added vendor concat & minify in Gulp build

Version 1.2

  • Added Gulp ftp and replaced jade with pug

Version 1.3

  • Moved a lot of info to the package file (cleaning up the Gulpfile)
  • Added critical gulp module for above the fold content
  • Added Google code via package file (1.3.2)

Version 1.4

  • Added new CSS structure
  • Added stylelinter
  • Load in CSS with preload attribute
  • Preconnect font if from Google Webfonts (1.4.2)

Version 1.5

  • Updated to Gulp v4

Version 1.6

  • Added husky and linting for sass and js assets files


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