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OpenPGP functionality for Solo
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This repository contains a portable implementation for OpenPGP and will be able to run on PC for testing and development, and can run on Solo.


This should run fine on Linux, OS X, or Ubuntu on Windows.

Set up

Clone Gnuk to get their testing suite. Note, there are symlinks in the repo, so make sure you clone using a *nix environment!

git clone

Install Python test tools to run Gnuk tests.

sudo apt install python3-pytest python3-usb python3-cffi

Replace the normal card reader class, with our testing class to connect the CCID/OpenPGP application locally to the tests via UDP.

cp gnuk/tests/

Build our CCID/OpenPGP application



In one terminal, run our CCID/OpenPGP application.


In another terminal, run the Gnuk test suite.

cd gnuk/tests && py.test-3 -x


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