Converter program to convert MHEG5 to XMLTV used for EPG listings in MythTV.
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Copyright 2010-2017 by Solorvox <>
Latest version:


1.0 - About
1.1 - Redbutton-download
1.2 - mheg2xmltv Setup
1.3 - Listing metadata / categories
1.4 - Additional Tools


1.0 - About

A utility to convert MHEG-5 data to an XMLTV file to importing into mythtv for
extended program guide listings.

1.1 - Redbutton-download

You need a copy of redbutton-download, not browser, that can be found

After compiling, create your channels.conf.  Follow the documentation provided
by rb-download.  

Just as a tip, you'll need a channels.conf file made using dvbscan (or just scan 
depending on distro) using a base file.  For Christchurch I used:

scan chch > ~/.tzap/channels.conf

-- Cut chch --
# Multiplex DA
T 562000000 8MHz 3/4 NONE QAM64 8k 1/16 NONE
# Multiplex DB
T 578000000 8MHz 3/4 NONE QAM64 8k 1/16 NONE
# Multiplex DC
T 594000000 8MHz 3/4 NONE QAM64 8k 1/16 NONE
-- Cut --

Find your correct values here:

By default, the service ID for New Zealand is 1200 for Channel TVONE.  If you need
to tune your adpater, try using ivtv-tune part of ivtv-utils package on Debian.

ivtv-tune --freqtable=newzealand --channel=1 --device=/dev/video1
ivtv-tune --frequency=45.250 --device=/dev/video1 

Included in the mheg2xmltv/tools directory is a helper script,
It will assist in downloading MHEG5 data by only running rb-download for a few seconds.
It should be run once per day from cron.  Check the configuration in the script and change
for you setup.  You will need to add an entry to cron.  For example, to run at 02:07AM every day:

07 02 * * * /home/user/mheg2xmltv/tools/

1.2 - mheg2xmltv Setup

You can either directly edit and change the default values, or
pass them via command line arguments.  It is important to set your source directory
where rb-download downloaded the MHEG data.  Additonal, you may override default values on
the command line.  For example, the default channel mapping is included inside the main file.
However, you may pass a map file as "mheg2xmltv -c /path/map" for your own custom mapping.  Follow
the example format included in the file.

1.3 - Listing metadata / categories

Version 0.3.5 adds a new feature to "guess" the show categories by looking at keywords in title and descriptions. 
To enable this feature, you must add -g to the command line.

The order of which categories are assigned are as follows:

1) MHEG2 catgegory data found
2) series-metadata.txt match found via series ID number (use tools/mhegshowid to find ID numbers)
3) series-metadata.txt match found via title match (exact match only so "CIS" won't match "CSI: New York")
4) If "guess" mode was enabled with "-g", keyword matching is done with title and description

If at any point a match is found, processing stops.  So if you do not agree/like the -g mode, you may over-ride
the data by placing the desired information in series-metadata.txt.

1.4 - Additional Tools

Basic tools have been included in the tools/ subdirectory.  They are not a required for mheg2xmltv,
but are provided as additional utilities.  The $BASE directory variable should be changed to match
the source directory.

mhegshowid - Returns the CRID show ID numbers found
	$ mhegshowid "House"
	$ mhegshowid "The Pacific"

mhegsearch - Finds strings matching anywhere in the listing
	$ mhegshowid fire
	7|28800|32400|1|08:00|49|/T254983|Magnum, P.I.|'Solo Flight'. Fired from a case...<cut>
	(Matched "Fired" in the description.)
mhegview   - Converts MHEG data to human readable format
	$ mhegview /carousels/1002/1/dir-31-3030366f
	24|77400|81000|1|21:30|49|/SNZ10189342|Sea Patrol|It's a day the crew of ...<cut> 

	* This script is needed by others.

mhegtitle  - Matches only titles that start with string
	$ mhegtitle House
	28|73800|77400|1|20:30|49|/T284056|House|A high-school senior blacks out ...<cut>

	Note: This only matches titles that start with the string. 	
	* This script is required by others. - Wrapper/helper script to assist in downloading MHEG5 data using rb-download.
	See setup notes above for details.  Does not take any arguments or return any output
	on normal operation.