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solrcloudpy is a python library for interacting with SolrCloud. This library aims to take advantage of the following features of Solr:

  • Distributed indexing and searching and transparent failover
  • Full JSON api
  • Centralized index management
  • Near-realtime search

It is compatible with versions 4.6 up to 6.0. The API is meant to be close to pymongo's API, where one can access collections and databases as simple attributes or dictionary keys.

As of 2016, this library is maintained by the Solrcloudpy community. Contributions are welcome.


conn = SolrConnection(["localhost:9983","localhost:8984"], version="6.0.0")

Access an existing collection:{'q':'query1'})

Index documents:

docs = [{"id":"1", "name":"a"},{"id":"2","name":"b"}]

Search documents:{'q':'*:*'})


solrcloudpy comes with a console that can be run simply by typing solrconsole. More information on usage is available at

Documentation and API

Documentation can be found at