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Character '@' is missing #6

hongbin opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Josep M. Pujol

I have a case that the basePath of API cannot be determined until run-time, so I did the following.
##~ @api.basePath = "<%= @base_path %>"

Then I ran the tool and hoped the result is:
"basePath":"<%= @base_path %>"

However, the actual result is:
"basePath":"<%= base_path %>"

Is that anyway I can walk around? Thanks.

Josep M. Pujol

Quite a use case you have :-) The problem is that instance variables are "removed" doing a @ substitution, which also affect the @ on your string "<%= @base_path %>". Source2swagger is used SAFE=4 to avoid "accidents" and in this safely level instance variables cannot be written.

Will check if there is a way around it.

Josep M. Pujol

The commit 91cf0de should fix the issue. See the example test/data/sample6.rb

Cool. Thanks for the fix.

Josep M. Pujol solso closed this
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