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libtcc bindings for Clay


Link with -ldl and -ltcc.


import tcc.*;

main() {
    // A string holding the C program we will Just-In-Time compile with TCC.
    var program = "
    int fib(int n) {
        if(n <= 2)
            return 1;
            return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2);

    int foo(int n) {
        printf(\"Hello world!\\n\");
        printf(\"fib(%d) = %d\\n\", n, fib(n));
        printf(\"add(%d, %d) = %d\\n\", n, 2 * n, add(n, 2 * n));
        return 0;

    // Create a new TCC compilation context and compile the above C program.
    var tcc = TCC();
    compileString(tcc, program);

    // Add Clay's "+" operator visible to the C code as "add".
    addFunction(tcc, "add", add, Int, Int);

    // You can't get functions and symbols from the compiled code until you relocate.

    // Get and call the "foo" function from the C program.
    var func = getFunction(tcc, "foo", (Int), (Int));