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- Fixed a bug where the Stripe Payments integration could error if the BC Math PHP extension is not enabled on the server. Added a fallback for GMP and basic multiplication for calculating amounts.

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Solspace Freeform plugin for Craft CMS 3.x

Freeform is the most reliable, intuitive and powerful form builder for Craft. Effortlessly build beautiful forms in minutes!

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Freeform is the most reliable, intuitive and powerful form building plugin for Craft. Everything is at your fingertips in our elegant form builder. It gives you full control to create simple or complex multi-page forms, as well as connect your forms to many built-in popular API integrations. Templating is easy and highly customizable. Our ready-to-go templates and features will have you ready in minutes! You can trust Freeform and the team behind it to deliver the quality and support you expect and deserve. Craft themselves trust Freeform for their own contact form!

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