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play or record videos from catch up TV
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A script to watch/record videos from the catch-up TV site

- No flash-plugin required: just use your favorite player
- Internet lag? just record the video and play it later.

	These videos are **copyrighted by ARTE**. I guess that you are **NOT** free to *share*, *sell* or *modify* those videos !
	You will not be able to view videos if you are outside these countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.
	Some videos that are restricted to a mature audience (+18) are only visible between 23:00 and 05:00.


* python 2.7 (but not python 3)
* beautifulsoup
    It is recommanded to use the 3.0.x or the 3.2.x version of beautifulsoup but not the 3.1.x version.
    The 3.1.x version does not parse very well some html from
* a video player like mplayer, vlc, xine or totem to use the play command.
Or add your own player in the script. Help is provided

You can show your support for this little software:
- You can flattr at
- You can even make a donation via Flattr !


    Usage: url|play|record [OPTIONS] URL
  search [OPTIONS] STRING...

    Play or record videos from arte VIDEOS website without a mandatory browser.

    In the first form, you need the url of the video page
    In the second form, just enter your search term
    In the last form (without any argument), you enter an interactive interpreter
    (type help to get a list of them, once in the interpreter)

        url     show the url of the video
        play    play the video directly (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)
        record  save the video into a local file
        search  search for a video on arte+7
                It will display a numbered list of results and enter
                a simple command line interpreter

      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -d DLDIR, --downloaddir=DLDIR
                            directory where to save the downloads
      -l LANG, --lang=LANG  preferred language of the video fr, de (default: fr)
      -q QUALITY, --quality=QUALITY
                            quality of the video sd or hd or md or ld (default: hd)
      --verbose             show output of rtmpdump

Each quality is a resolution heightxwidth@bitrate
hd: 1280x720@2200
sd: 720x406@800
md: 720x406@1500
ld: 384x216@300

If you run it without any argument, you enter a simple command line interpreter.
Here is an example of a session. [...] is used to shorten the output:

    $ ./

    Type "help" to see available commands.
    arteVIDEOS> help
        plus7            list videos from arte+7
        programs         list videos from programs tab
        search STRING    search for a video

        next             list videos of the next page
        previous         list videos of previous page

        url NUMBER       show url of video
        play NUMBERS     play chosen videos
        record NUMBERS   download and save videos to a local file
        info NUMBER      display details about given video

        dldir [PATH]     display or change download directory
        lang [fr|de|en]  display or switch to a different language
        quality [sd|hd|md|ld]  display or switch to a different video quality

        help             show this help
        quit             quit the cli
        exit             exit the cli
    arteVIDEOS> plus7
    :: Retrieving plus7 videos list
    (1) Indonésie
        Sur l'île de Lembata les garçons doivent chasser la baleine pour passer à l'âge adulte.
    (25) Boualem Sansal
        Portrait de l'écrivain algérien à la recherche de l'identité de son peuple.
    arteVIDEOS> next
    :: Retrieving plus7 videos list
    (26) Philosophie
        Le toucher nous met de plain-pied dans le réel. Raphaël Enthoven avec Clara Da Silva
    (50) Au coeur des Alpes
        Histoire de la coexistence entre les hommes et les animaux dans le massif alpin.
    arteVIDEOS> info 40
    :: Retrieving video data
    Le dessous des cartes explore la face cachée du commerce du bois.

    (France, 2010, 12mn) ARTE F
    Date de première diffusion:
    Sam., 16. oct. 2010, 17h48

    Date(s) de rediffusion:
    Aujourd'hui à22h30
    arteVIDEOS> play 40
    :: Playing video(s): #40
    :: Streaming from rtmp://
    arteVIDEOS> record 40
    :: Recording video(s): #40
    :: Downloading to le_dessous_des_cartes-3472068_hd_fr.flv
    arteVIDEOS> exit

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