An efficient menu for the MATE Desktop
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Latest commit 54ba170 Jan 11, 2017 @ikeydoherty ikeydoherty applet: Change to the user's home directory on launch
As we're dbus launched, we start with no predefined working directory,
so we actually end up launching applications in the / dir.
This change ensures that as long as we can access the $HOME variable
in the environment, we'll chdir to it when we start up.

Signed-off-by: Ikey Doherty <>


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Modern, efficient menu for the MATE Desktop Environment.


This project is currently in very early (v0.1.0) stages, and as such is under very heavy development. The primary motivation is to provide a very usable menu, as seen in other desktops, but without the bloat and/or performance problems that plague current offerings.

This project is being spearheaded by Solus, as a collaborative effort between the various MATE communities (chiefly, Ubuntu MATE) to reinvigorate the MATE Desktop with modern, first-class options. As such, Brisk Menu is a distro-agnostic desktop. Please ensure to report any issues of non portability!

brisk-menu is a Solus project.



Currently, very lacking! Remember, it's still in early development.

  • Keyboard centric (mice welcome too, of course)
  • Basic hotkey support (CTRL+F10) Needs fixing to support Super shortcut
  • Stupid-fast
  • Efficient, useful searching.
  • Automatically reload
  • Filter via categories
  • Session/screensaver controls
  • Drag & drop support for launchers
  • GTK3
  • Fully correct X11 WM integration (grab policy and window types)
  • Not Python.


Some items that are currently known to be definite options in the roadmap:

  • Persistent storage of settings
  • Option to disable category icons for modern look
  • Configurable menu button icon + label on applet
  • 'Favourite' item capability
  • Improved styling for the window edge + search entry.

More will be added in time as we go along.


Copyright © 2016 Ikey Doherty, Solus Project.

brisk-menu is available under the terms of the GPL-2.0 license.

The brisk_system-log-out-symbolic.svg icon is a copy of application-exit-symbolic.svg to use within Brisk.

This icon is copyright © Sam Hewitt, from the Paper Icons theme, available under the terms of the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.