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Replacement for eopkg, the Solus package manager (a fork of eopkg).

This is not an effort to create "yet another package manager", it is instead a current research effort for the successor to eopkg, to create a modern package manager to deal with the needs of today, and of Solus itself.

  • Spend less time downloading
  • Spend less time applying updates
  • Don't ever break. (ABI, layout, config, etc.)

The Solus mantra is "Install today, update forever". We need a modern software and update management system to handle this in the most efficient manner for the user, to truly handle the needs of a modern rolling release designed for the ordinary user.

More details will be fleshed out as and when we've settled on them. In the mean time, don't panic. :]

sol is a Solus project


Initial TODO

  • Rename to something undumb (sol)
  • Kill autotools with a shovel
  • Move most of the existing eopkg code into a Migration system.
  • Add basic container format
  • Implement basic install/remove ops
  • Add first abstract DB implementation
  • Start adding networking
  • Introduce repo format + handling
  • Add stuff to this TODO.


Copyright © 2016-2017 Ikey Doherty

LGPL-2.1. We're going to expose a library for others to use....