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Game Category Game Example Soft Skills
Beat 'em ups Double Dragon Perseverence, Self-Control
Fighting games Street Fighter IV Timing
First-person shooters Half-Life Prudence
Team first-person shooters Counter-Strike Humility, Listening, Conviction, Vision, Trust, Cooperation
Platform game series Super Mario Bros. Perseverence
Third-person shooters Uncharted Prudence
Stealth game Metal Gear Patience
Survival games Don't Starve Entrepreneurship, Curiosity, Motivation, Inductive reasoning
Rhythm games Dance Dance Revolution Rhythm
Action-Adventure The Legend of Zelda Problem Solving
Survival horror Silent Hill Calm
Metroidvania Castlevania Perseverence


Game Category Game Example Soft Skills
Text adventures Sram Creativity, Spelling
Graphic adventures Les Chevaliers de Baphomet Creativity, Carefulness


Game Category Game Example Soft Skills
Role-playing video games Final Fantasy Patience, Perseverence
Massively multiplayer online role-playing games World of Warcraft Punctuality, Trust
Roguelike Rogue Perseverence
Hack 'n' slash Diablo Data Management


Game Category Game Example Soft Skills
Business simulation video games Theme Park Empathy
City-building video games SimCity Priorization
God video games Black & White Empathy
Simulation video games KSP Rigor
Space flight simulator games Star Citizen Patience, Cooperation


Game Category Game Example Soft Skills
4X video games Civilization Priorization
Artillery video games Worms Physics
Grand strategy video games Supreme Ruler Vision
Real-time strategy video games Starcraft Stress Management, Bluff, Vision, Attention, Crisis management
Real-time tactics video games Total War Vision
Turn-based strategy video games XCOM 2 Vision
Turn-based tactics video games Fire Emblem Vision
Multiplayer online battle arena games Fortnite Stress Management


Game Category Game Example Soft Skills
Team sport video games FIFA Vision, Timing
Car simulation video games Formula 1 Focus


Game Category Game Example Soft Skills
Party video games
Puzzle video games
Maze video games
Tetris variants Tetris Space visualisation
Quiz arcade games