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Quick Start

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Quick Start

This is draft. Please comment to help enhance.

1 Download and import the latest Transport Package snapshot. It will create the rest project for you

2 Make sure expert/expert user available or change user credentials in qunit.html. Make sure any user has the role "APIUser" otherwise you will get authentication errors in your results.

3 Edit registry and make sure the host and port(if needed) are set in the attribute

4 Setup rewrite rules on your web server. See API URL Structure

5 Setup SMTP connectors to point to your local mail server

6 Download and setup auxillary DB for RDB queries, assumes SQL2005 driver already available to DS.

7 Update RDB connector to point to this new DB.

8 Run [web server host]:[web server port]/cps/rde/rest/html/qunit.html to validate functionality. (Unless you have a rewrite or your DS path is non-standard)

Note: some handlers are not finished at this time. Expect 32 of 37 items to pass if all is setup correctly. If you have only 9/10 passing likely a result of authentication not passing. If you have search is giving an error check the handler-support.xml file look for this dynament: rde-dm:attribute mode="write" attribute="" op="set" value="rest" / you may find a different project name.