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Hugo-smorg (small-org? smorgasbord?) is a responsive mobile-first Bulma-powered, reasonably minimalistic Hugo ( theme for an individual blogger or a small organization to adapt as need be.

Current release: v0.7, April 4 2018 - see CHANGELOG; this project is being updated daily at present - following HEAD is best. If you are using the theme and spot issues or areas for improvement please let me know by opening an issue or submitting a PR.

An ongoing work in progress, I'm using Hugo-Smorg as a base for other projects.


  • Remain easy to understand while also being easy to extend.
  • Keep pace with current Hugo features and practicies.
  • Avoid relying on config.yaml for too much customization.
  • Keep HTML customizability effort low using template blocks and partials and CSS customizability options open via SASS / CSS.
  • Produce output that will validate and load quickly by default.


Hugo-smorg is:

  • Mobile first thanks to Bulma, a SASS CSS framework alternative to Bootstrap.
  • Themable itself via Bulmaswatch.
  • Minimalistic in nature.

And offers:

  • Responsive site-wide drop-down capable navigation menu
  • Simple "Subsection" pages possible with layout:subsection in front-matter.
  • Breadcrumb-menu in subsection layout, available to others.
  • Produces Atom syndication format with option to disable RSS.
  • JSON-LD microdata
  • Category and Tag taxonomies (partial page-meta)
  • Themed mobile-friendly pagination.
  • Includes syntax highlighting with a choice of colour themes.
  • By default uses zero-wait modern system font stacks; easy integration with a webfont via a couple lines of SASS and npm run scss:min.


See the demo site for a live view.


  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone --recursive

  2. To view the theme:

    cd exampleSite hugo server

  3. (Optionally) install development dependencies:

To adapt the provided SASS produced CSS you'll need to install SASS and Bulma at the very least; the least painful way to go about this is via Nodejs and npm; Once those tools are installed, in the hugo-smorg theme directory:

npm install

This will install the dependencies listed in package.json including Bulma and node-sass. You'll also find some handy run scripts including npm run dev which will build your site and SCSS/CSS files and reload automatically.


Responsive mobile-first Bulma-powered Hugo theme for an individual or small organization




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