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# Customizing Hugo-Smorg For Your Site
# Customizing The Hugo-Smorg Theme
TODO - write this!
_April 2018: This is a work in progress. See the [heavily commented exampleSite configuration file](../exampleSite/config.yaml) for additional information._
## Overview
[Hugo Configuration File](hugo-configuration-file)
[Overriding Hugo Themes](overrriding-hugo-themes)
## Hugo Configuration File
The heavily commented [config.yaml](../exampleSite/config.yaml) will be your
first stop for customizing Hugo and the Hugo-Smorg theme.
Use `config.yaml` as the starting point for your site; copy it to your site
**Important**: Remove the first configurable parameter `themesDir` from the
example configuration; it is used only for generation of a demo site for the
Hugo themes showcase.
## Template Overview
Hugo-Smorg makes use of Hugo's [block template]( features as well as [partials](
This documentation isn't meant to replace Hugo's docs but to provide a starting
point to answer _how do I do XYZ_ questions.
## Hugo Configuration File
When starting up a new site it's easiest to simply copy the
[exampleSite/config.yaml](./exampleSite/config.yaml) and tune the settings
within according to your needs.
## Overriding Hugo Themes
If the stock theme works for you, there's no need to override anything! But
@@ -118,7 +147,7 @@ The navigation partial `nav.html` is on some pages defined in a block; others
<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- See docs/ for help -->
<html lang="{{ .Site.LanguageCode | default "en" }}">

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