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Rudy - v0.5 ALPHA

Rudy is a development and deployment tool for Amazon EC2. It's both a command-line tool and Ruby library. Here's an example from both for creating an EC2 security group:

$ rudy group --create


rgroup =


Step 1 (get Rudy on to your machine):

Via Rubygems, one of:

$ sudo gem install rudy
$ sudo gem install solutious-rudy --source

Via GitHub:

$ git clone git://

Via download:

NOTE: If your are not installing via RubyGems, you will need to make sure the Ruby dependencies (see below) are installed and in your LOAD_PATH.

Step 2 (initialize your configuration):

$ rudy generate-config
[modify ~/.rudy/config]
$ rudy init

Step 3 (start working with EC2):

$ rudy group --create
$ rudy keypair --create
$ rudy instance --create


Common Errors

  • `require': no such file to load -- amazon-ec2 (LoadError)

    • You're probably running a mix of Rubygem and non-Rubygem libraries. Ryan Tomayko has you covered:

  • The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided.

    • Check that your Amazon Web Service access key and secret key are correct

  • AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

    • If it's a new Amazon Accounts, you need to sign up for EC2, SDB, and S3.

More Info


  • The team – for the initial use case, the ongoing feedback and support, and the good times!

    • Adam Bognar

    • Andrew Simpson

    • Caleb Buxton

    • Colin Brumelle


  • Delano Mandelbaum (

  • Keshia Knight Pulliam (


See: LICENSE.txt

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