Common Errors

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This page contains the command errors that you may encounter when using Rudy for the first time.

Feel free to email me directly if you can’t the error here:

Rudy Errors

  • No machines configuration. Check your configs!
    • Rudy can’t find your Rudyfile. Make sure you’re in the directory that contains Rudyfile or specify the path with the -C global option: $ rudy -C path/2/Rudyfile startup

SSH Errors

  • "fingerprint ... does not match for 'ec2-11-22-33-44 ...'"
    • This means the host SSH key for that machine does not match your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. Most EC2 images generate new host SSH keys on the first boot so is the most likely cause for this error message (it’s safe to continue). If this is not a new instance, you should tell Rudy not to continue and investigate manually.

Ruby Errors

  • "`require': no such file to load -- logger (LoadError)"
    • You’re probably running a mix of Rubygem and non-Rubygem libraries. Ryan Tomayko has you covered:
  • "ERROR (NoMethodError): undefined method `first' for nil:NilClass"
    • The routines configuration format changed a bit in Rudy 0.9.0. You’re most likely running 0.9.0 configuration with a 0.8.x or older version of rudy.

Amazon Errors

  • "The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided."
    • Check that your Amazon Web Service access key and secret key are correct
  • "AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials"
    • If it’s a new Amazon Account, you need to sign up for EC2, SDB, and S3.
  • Rudy::AWS::SDB::ConnectionError: 503 Service Unavailable
    • This can happen on rudy init. Try again (possibly multiple times)