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Blame Stella for breaking your web applications.
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bin CLI handle timeouts
certs Add StartSSL CA
lib Don't wait during a testrun for the last request in a usecase
support ADDED: Global HTTP client timeout ("stella -T 60")
vendor/httpclient- Use -v instead of -R; Cleaned up output
.gitignore (Removed Gemfile.lock)
.gitmodules removed drydock from vendor
CHANGES.txt ADDED: Wait only up to 35 seconds for a remote checkup
Gemfile New dep: httparty (for api)
LICENSE.txt Add yajl to gemspec (Removed Gemfile.lock)
Rakefile The gem is yajl-ruby
Rudyfile wip
TODO Modified default agent
VERSION.yml (Removed Gemfile.lock)
stella.gemspec (Removed Gemfile.lock)

Stella - 2.1-RC1

Define realistic testplans and run them against your webapps



Testplan Configuration

Running Tests


Get it in one of the following ways:

$ gem install stella
$ sudo gem install stella
$ git clone git://

You can also download via tarball or zip.

NOTE: If you get errors about libxml2 or libxslt on Ubuntu, you need to install the following:

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev
sudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev

More Information



  • Harm Aarts for the great test case and feedback!
  • Kalin Harvey for keeping me on track.
  • Dave L, the best intern money can't buy.
  • Peter McCurdy for the feedback and bug fixes.

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