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Pandemic Central

Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. License

An application of machine learning in forecasting U.S. COVID-19 cases

About The Model

Our model uses COVID-19 compartmental model forecasts in combination with demographic, population mobility, population health, and COVID-19 testing data to generate its own COVID-19 forecasts at the US county/county-equivalent level.

This repository contains the code we use to generate this information. For more details on our data sources and pipelines, please read the files in the data/ directory.

Our predictions were published on our website and on Twitter.

This work is published in a peer-reviewed journal article located at this doi: 10.1016/j.chaos.2021.111779.


We hope to serve as a valuable resource for understanding trends in the ongoing pandemic and raise awareness about COVID-19 at the community level. However, we strongly advise against over-interpreting our predictions. Machine learning models are only as good as the data that trains them. We use the best quality data that is available to us, but we acknowledge that error in our predictions is unavoidable.

Some of our available data sources have updated their past data. To ensure the integrity of data and replicate the results we report in our research journal preprint, Publication Methodology must be used (see section Generating Projections below).


  • First, clone this repository:
    git clone
  • To install all dependencies in Python 3 (≥ 3.7):
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • For map rendering, install Orca and ensure that it is added to your PATH
  • Get a API access key if you intend to generate projections (register here)

Generating Projections

There are two ways to generate projections:

  1. Standard Methodology: This can be used to generate the latest projections for the present date by using the latest datasets and reduces runtime by eliminating feature importance scoring. You need the reference date for which you want to generate projections and your API access key (see above for registration instructions). Use the command below:
python -d 2021-05-18 -r YOUR_API_KEY

If your reference date is not a Sunday (i.e. week start), you may specify an optional flag to create projections for the Sunday prior to your reference date:

python -d 2021-05-18 -r YOUR_API_KEY --sunday
  1. Publication Methodology (for projections ONLY before 2021-01-15): Used to replicate projections using the specific methodology of our publication in progress (i.e. including feature importance scoring and the input datasets from 2021-05-18), with a similar command to the Standard Methodology:
python -d 2021-05-18 -r YOUR_API_KEY --publication_method --sunday

Statistics and figures from the publication manuscript may be regenerated using preloaded datasets referenced specifically by the manuscript with the command below:

python --figures

Projections and related files will be in the output/ subdirectory and publication figures will be in the publication/output subdirectory.


Contact us


Our latest version is v3.0.0. For version details, see Releases tags.


An application of machine learning to forecast COVID-19 cases at the US county/county-equivalent level.








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