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Sharrisii authored and somasis committed Nov 20, 2018
1 parent 824b2c0 commit 3223e81a4ac7146fe9ada9cdcc101e221955ed20
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- Uses pkgsrc for additional packages, so supports thousands of packages
- Mainly a platform for testing usrview, a system for per-process views of
/usr, for very fine-grained control of package management.
- [TAZ] - a Gentoo-based livecd/livedvd
- [Embedded Linux From Scratch] - a fork of CLFS embedded using musl libc
- 2013-09-28 Updated to correct name of toolchain used
- 2013-09-14 Updated to musl-0.9.13. Supports \*-\*-musl\* toolchains.
@@ -38,6 +39,7 @@
[LightCube OS]:
[Embedded Linux From Scratch]:
[Cross Linux From Scratch]:

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