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Add info about missing ldconfig

Library search path configuration is a mystery and afaict, can only be
divined by pouring through the sources.  While more documentation is
needed, this should at least make it easier for people to figure out how
to configure the dynamic library
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daniel-santos authored and somasis committed Apr 1, 2019
1 parent c5cfd32 commit 6ad18feaa98b99bcc01ed3abca1038c068dc3a75
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@@ -21,6 +21,14 @@ musl's dynamic linker comes with ldd functionality built in. Just create a symli
from ld-musl-$ to /bin/ldd. If the dynamic linker was started as "ldd", it
will detect that and print the appropriate DSO information.

# Q: Where is `ldconfig`?

There isn't one. You can specify the library search path by creating or editing
the file `/etc/ld-musl-$ARCH.path`, where `$ARCH` is the string identifying your
architecture (look at what `/lib/ld-musl-*.so.1` uses if uncertain). Paths can
be separated by newlines or colons. The environment variables `LD_PRELOAD` and
`LD_LIBRARY_PATH` are also supported for one-off cases.

# Q: Why is `sys/queue.h` not included?

sys/queue.h is a full library implemented in a header file, and there's no

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