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document lack of multilib in guidelines for distributions

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Rich Felker
Rich Felker committed Apr 13, 2019
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@@ -61,3 +61,20 @@ your local changes don't conflict with future plans upstream).
When a feature does affect public API (example: additional `GLOB_*` flags) it's
effectively much closer to adding a function (see above).

# Multilib/multi-arch

musl does not support sharing an include directory between archs (or
32-/64-bit "versions of the same target" in GCC multilib framing), and
thus is not compatible with GCC-style multilib. It is recommended that
distributions build GCC with multilib disabled, and use library
directories named `lib`, not `lib64` or `lib32`. Most importantly (see
above) distributions should not change the dynamic linker location to
`/lib64` or anything else, since this breaks ABI.

musl does support full multiarch with separate include and lib paths
for each separate arch/ABI in the same filesystem, similar but not
exactly the same as what Debian does. (Debian shares top-level include
just not `sys` and `bits`; for musl this may unofficially work but
it's not officially supported and there's no reason to believe it's
compatible with 3rd-party libs that may install arch-dependent headers
generated at build time into that dir.)

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