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Add powerpc64 and s390x

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edelsohn authored and somasis committed Nov 1, 2017
1 parent bd03ee5 commit e605a1f19bc85441b48b4051a6b63992129dc097
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@@ -24,10 +24,12 @@ applications.
(you can use musl-cross)) and linux 3.13 or [this patch].
- powerpc (needs gcc built with --enable-secureplt --with-long-double-64, and
-Wl,--secure-plt to link dynamic binaries.)
- powerpc64
- x32 (experimental, due to a number of kernel issues) - requires GCC 4.7 or
later (musl-cross is already capable of building a toolchain), you need at
least linux 3.4, but note that there were [security issues].
- openrisc 1000
- s390x
- sh (experimental) with sh, sheb, sh-nofpu, and sheb-nofpu subarchs (currently
this [kernel-patch] is required for multithread usage)

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