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This project is now abandoned. When GNOME developers decide to stop breaking things every minor release, maybe then it'll be worth maintaining. But I'm done with themes, sorry. Anyone is permitted to fork and maintain this.


This consists mostly of a script that modifies the original Numix theme's files to fit to all of the colors in the GNOME Colors palette.

At the moment, these themes are currently intended to be used with Xfce4, since that's what I use. If you run into problems in another desktop environment, I'll try to help the best I can though.

Relevant license files can be found underneath the folders. (Numix is GPL-3, Xfwm4 and Metacity are GPL-2, Plank themes and build system are ISC)


  • GTK 2 and 3 themes
  • Metacity themes
  • Xfwm4 themes
  • Plank themes


  • sed
  • git
  • make
  • gtk-engine-murrine, needed for GTK2 themes
  • xfwm4, needed for Xfwm4 themes
  • metacity, or marco (mutter might work too) for the Metacity themes


Either use git to clone this repository:

git clone

or just download the latest release.


  1. Open a terminal in this repo's directory.
  2. make, or run make help to see what else the Makefile can do.
  3. make install as root

Exherbo users: There is an exheres in ::somasis; x11-themes/shiki-colors-revival.

How this works

In order to minimize the amount of maintenance needed, we base these themes off of Numix so that we benefit from the shimmerproject's work on Numix. The themes are then generated by using regular expressions to replace certain variables in the CSS to change the colors to fit the GNOME Colors palette rather than using Numix's default colors. (currently only the selected background color and menubar bg are replaced)

As a result of doing it this method, we don't have to worry about updating the CSS every time GNOME's developers decide to break everything with a new minor version of GTK3, again. We can make upstream do all the work. :)


These are screenshots of the themes running on my Xfce desktop.

Shiki-Brave Shiki-Human Shiki-Illustrious Shiki-Noble Shiki-Wine Shiki-Wise


Updated icons can be found at gnome-colors-revival, and the backgrounds can be found at arc-colors-revival.