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# Experimental chef packages

#~~~~~ Purpose 

Chef development moves at a pretty fast clip. This makes packaging rather difficult to keep
up with. I've decided to make packages of gembundler output with accompanying wrapper scripts
so that its easier to use chef as its released. 

A few notes:

* I decided to take the lazy way out and skip Centos5.
  These are build against Fedora 12, since its the basis of RHEL6 beta, and future Centos.

* They are pretty big. chef-solr is 83M, and chef-server-webui is 76M.

* There is a metapackage, chef-server that installs all the server components.

* I left ohai seperate, since it loads fairly slowly compared to the regular rubygem-ohai package.

* I've prefixed everything with "affs-", to avoid confusion.

#~~~~~ To use the packages, do this:

rpm -Uvh

yum clean all
yum -y install affs-chef-server
yum -y install affs-ohai
for svc in couchdb rabbitmq-server chef-solr chef-solr-indexer chef-server chef-server-webui chef-client; do
  sudo /sbin/service $svc start
  sudo /sbin/chkconfig $svc on

#~~~~~ To generate your own packages from gems, do this:

git clone
cd affschef-packages/
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/bin

# update your %topdir in rpmmmacros, then


This will create directories, write Gemspec files into /opt and then run bundler.
The output of bundler is then made into a tarball and copied into the SOURCES dir.
The RPM spec files use these tarballs as pristine source, instead of individual gems.
Wrapper scripts are installed into /usr/bin.


Any feedback is very much appreciated!

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