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Python bindings for libhydrogen.


Requires libhydrogen to be installed on system. Testing/development has been done on linux, specifically Ubuntu 18.04. Additional work may be required for other platforms/distros.

pip3 install pyhy
pip3 install paho-mqtt # for running the demo


  • An end-to-end example for kx (N, KK, XX) is provided using paho-mqtt. See demo for instructions.
  • The wiki contains a few usage examples.
  • is fairly self-describing. Just copy that somewhere, run it, and hack away.


This project uses cffi docs/bitbucket. If you experience low-level issues you may want to look there for help.

Ensuring latest version:

pip3 uninstall pyhy
pip3 install pyhy --no-cache

To generate bindings yourself:

sudo apt-get install python3-dev

virtualenv env --python=$(which python3)
source env/bin/activate
pip3 install cffi

git clone
cd pyhy

NOTE: For development you may need to compiled/install libhydrogen with -fPIC flag (add it to CFLAGS at the top of its Makefile).


See LICENSE. Same as libhydrogen.