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A repository for the identity verification token claim process
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A repository for the identity verification token claim process

The following token is used to verify the link between and it's second Ardor testnet account: ARDOR-4TGA-X2NT-875X-BH5X5. You can validate it by searching for the idVerConChallengeText[0] account property of this account. If you don't have a running node, you can use Jeluridas ( or some.ones ( remote node. After you've found the property, check if the token was set by some.ones first Ardor testnet account: ARDOR-5TT2-VS3T-EUTS-7WDBA (which acts as the contract runner) and is indeed created with the ARDOR-4TGA-X2NT-875X-BH5X5 account and the challenge text shown as property value. If this is the case, you have successfully validated the connection between and ARDOR-4TGA-X2NT-875X-BH5X5. You can further validate the online resource when you open the referenced transaction and find the url of this repository inside the transaction message.

** Ardor Identity Verification Token ** a0fkjvcaofrhlboq0lsnpfvnpv8mudogm1353fl3vseug3ihtkv924kmugv7g1g1bel21tt6qkgan3hdcbl9qam8c542euca3dl1v06a8vn0d0fsjalr91vou8vhlc6pgf881r4vprn3uvsg8mpu5rharhpth643 ** Ardor Identity Verification Token **

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