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ckfw - custom keyboard firmware

Keyboard firmware for custom made keyboards with the Atmel AVR atmega32u4 micro processor (the chip on the Teensy 2.0 development board).

Why ckfw?

There are plenty keyboard firmwares around already (see Similar Projects). So why on eath do we need another Teensy 2.0 compatible firmware? The answer is simple: We don’t. This project is mainly an excercise for the author to improve his C / C++ skills. This firmware is highly unstable and interfaces may still change a lot. For serios projects t.m.k Keyboard Firmware is recommended. It’s a great firmware with plenty of features and it’s been well adopted by the DIY community.

Code Style

Preferred formattig is described in the Google C++ Style Guide. Filetype should be .cpp instead of .cc, because the LUFA build system only recognizes .cpp files.

Similar Projects


Code of this project is licensed under the ISC license. Some files which were taken or modified from other projects may have other licenses. The used licenses are documented at the beginning of each file. The libraries in lib/ use their own license respectively.