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Hydra GCP Benchmarks


The benchmarks found here are meant to be relatively compared to one another - they do not in anyway depict real-world performance of a Hydra GCP deployment. There are many factors that may affect performance such as hardware and environment used.

These tests show how hydra runs in various configurations on the SAME hardware - so relative performance can be observed. The goal here was to see how using Cloud Datastore and/or the IAM API would affect overall throughput of hydra. The tests were done on Google Cloud Platform, utilizing a n1-highcpu-4 Compute Engine VM (4 vCPUs, 3.6 GB memory) to run the benchmarks. Google Cloud SQL with PostgreSQL 9.6 was used for the PostgreSQL tests, which was running in a n1-standard-2 VM (2 vCPUs, 7.5 GB memory). All hosts were running in the us-east1-b region. A fresh database and clean Datastore was used for each benchmark where applicable.


The results mostly speak for themselves. The goal of this exercise was to see the overall impact of utilizing Google's Cloud infrastructure for the database and/or signing of tokens for Hydra. Overall, the variance in latency is negligible, especially considering that Google's Cloud Datastore will scale and perform consistently with 0 devops work. The IAM API definitely has an overhead but has the benefit of a fully managed, automatic key rotating system.

95th Percentile Results:

(Database, Token Type) Introspection Client Credentials Grant Listing Clients Fetching Client
In-memory, opaque 0.0181 secs 0.8478 secs 0.0218 secs 0.0209 secs
In-memory, jwt 0.0464 secs 3.8286 secs 0.0206 secs 0.0187 secs
In-memory, IAM API 0.0473 secs 1.0458 secs 0.0110 secs 0.0097 secs
PostgreSQL, opaque 0.0930 secs 2.1605 secs 0.0561 secs 0.0469 secs
Datastore, opaque 0.1800 secs 0.9413 secs 0.0699 secs 0.0633 secs
Datastore, IAM API 0.1522 secs 1.0403 secs 0.0644 secs 0.0620 secs
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