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	-Update screenshot.png
	-images.less: Fix placement image	
+Admin panels
	-Make Franklin Street a whole section in Wordpress admin
	-Be able to add/remove/reorder 'tiers' for home page
		-Primary tier works like normal loop (supports stickies and uses default loop count which should be able to be overwritten)
		-All tiers can be styled in four basic templates (basic, large type, 2 column & 4 column)
		-Tiers can choose specific categories to display
		-Make all options in functions.php accessible in admin panel
+Template Cleanup
	-Make templates far more modular
+Performance Increases
	-Any way to lower queries?

	-Frank is fast
	-Frank is flexible
	-Frank is forward-thinking
	-Frank is for all of us
	-Frank is free
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