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The EOT file appears to be broken #9

matiaskorhonen opened this Issue · 23 comments

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The Iconic EOT file appears to be broken on all IEs (as far as I can tell):

Dashboard - BrowserStack

It doesn't look like it's a CSS syntax issue as I used the "bulletproof" Fontspring @Font-Face Syntax which has so far worked for every other webfont that I've used.

I prepared a quick demo file to act as a test case: (works in IE9 due to IE9's TTF/OTF support, broken in IE8 and below).


Thanks - I'll look into it this weekend.


There can be 2 problems:

  • included HTML demo will not work in IE 6/7, because it uses :before to add glyphs
  • fontforge can lack of EOT support & write PS1 instead. This header doesn't seems to be EOT:
\80�l�\00\00%!PS-AdobeFont-1.0: IconicFill 001.000
%%Title: IconicFill
%Version: 001.000
%%CreationDate: Thu Dec 29 18:55:15 2011
%%Creator: PJ Onori,,,
%Copyright: Icons by PJ Onori, font creation script by Yann
% Generated by FontForge 20110222 (

10 dict begin
/FontType 1 def
/FontMatrix [0.001 0 0 0.001 0 0 ]readonly def
/FontName /IconicFill def
/FontBBox {15 -201 1016 801 }readonly def
/PaintType 0 def
/FontInfo 10 dict dup begin
 /version (001.000) readonly def
 /Notice (Icons by PJ Onori, font creation script by Yann) readonly def
 /FullName (Untitled1) readonly def
 /FamilyName (Untitled1) readonly def
 /Weight (Medium) readonly def
 /FSType 0 def
 /ItalicAngle 0 def
 /isFixedPitch false def
 /UnderlinePosition -100 def
 /UnderlineThickness 50 def
end readonly def
/Encoding StandardEncoding def
currentdict end
currentfile eexec

Here is convertor


It's not a CSS/HTML issue; I just recreated the EOT files with ttf2eot and those work just fine (in IE8).

I committed the new files to my test repo: matiaskorhonen/iconic_test_page@d044024

(though you're right that the test file wouldn't work in IE6/7...)


I'm a little conflicted here. I don't want to bloat the HTML/CSS to support outdated browsers. However, I would at least like to provide a working EOT file. I may just replace the EOT and leave it as is. The other option could be to create a separate HTML/CSS file for IE8 and below. Thoughts?


Hm... who cares about HTML/CSS internals, if those are only for testing? Anyway, i'll be fine with any solution, that allow to check, that EOT is really working.


I really don't care if the test page works in IE6/7 as long as the EOT file does (and IE8 does support the :before pseudo element).


Sorry guys, I missed the "deadline" for this. :) I'm planning on taking care of this tomorrow.


OK, I'm WAY late on this issue, but I've committed new EOT files. Unfortunately I don't have a PC to test on - would anyone be willing to give it a shot?


Fill and Stroke now works great to me in Explorer 7 and 8.


Awesome! I used FontSquirrel's font generator. Now I just need to figure out why the FontForge Python scripts are not generating usable EOT files...

Thanks for the confirmation!


It seems like EOT file isn't working again (IE7,8) – while the EOT generated from FontSquirrel (based on the TTF) works fine, BUT I can't manage to include all glyphs – even with no subsetting, the paper glyph is missing for instance.


Grrr... OK. I'm kind of at a loss as to what's happening with the EOT file. I'll see what I can do to fix this.


Thank you kindly, may the force be with you and others who stand up to the god damn IE.


I've tried putting the .ttf (both my own build and the own from the packaged download) through fontsquirrel and ttf2eot with no luck :(


I wasn't able to get the one in the packaged download to work, or any custom builds. I ended up using Fontello to put together a custom font which works. It took some fiddling with the character mappings though. I wonder if that could have had more to do with it. I'll try to do some tinkering in the morning.


Having this problem as well. Nothing I do to regenerate an EOT seems to work. Any follow up?




Sorry, I accidentally closed this. So I've updated the fonts and I know the EOT file is working. My demo code is not working though and I am still trying to figure out why that's the case. I'll update when I have a solution.


Good, thanks!

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