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Extends jQuery UI Draggable to add Multi Element Drag and Live functionality

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Update multidraggable.js

Cool new pattern - add undefined to function params. Protects from unexpected modifications of undefined out of my lovely plugin :P
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Multi Draggable provides live and multi element draggable functionality to jQuery UI Draggable. 


1. Can you used same way as you do for Draggable. In addition, you can add "group" option, which determines which group of elements to be dragged together.

Ex 1:  $(".className").multiDraggable({ group: $(.className)});

In the above case, dragging any element that matches .className , drags all elements matching .className to drag together.

Ex 2:  $("#drag1").multiDraggable({ group: [$("#drag1"),$("#drag2") ]});

In this case, dragging #drag1, makes #drag2 drag along with it, even though #drag2 is not draggable.

Ex 3: (".className").multiDraggable({ 
                      group: $(.className),
                      startNative: function (event,ui) {},
                      stopNative : function (event,ui) {},
                      dragNative : function (event,ui) {}

You can use all events, options and methods of jQuery UI Draggable, except that
  -'start' is now 'startNative'
  -'drag' is now 'dragNative'
  -'stop' is now 'stopNative'
  - everything else remains the same.
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