Creates a schedule for multiple simultaneous round robin tournaments across multiple divisions on shared courts
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Round Robin Scheduler

This scheduler was created by Some Techie as a donation to the Berean Baptist Church Youth Group to fulfill the unique scheduling requirements for the church's annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Quick start

Download the installer. The Round Robin Scheduler is installed using Click Once.


  • Simultaneous round robin tournaments for up to three divisions
  • Printable schedule
  • Tournament information can be saved to a file
  • Spread games across a configurable number of courts
  • Seeding calculation for a subsequent single-elimination tournament
  • Scorekeeping over WiFi and Internet using mobile devices
  • Place teams from more advanced divisions on more preferable courts
  • Distribute the teams evenly acoss the preferred courts for their division throughout the course of the tournament
  • Equal number of turns getting the ball first (first team listed for the game)
  • Ability to stop round robin part way through if it gets too long
  • Ability to add aditional rounds if the schedule is too short


  • To reduce the number of divisions, give one or two divisions only one team
  • Games can be navigated with Tab and Shift + Tab, and the score editor can be opened by pressing Enter
  • The official flag of a game can be toggled by pressing the F key when a game is selected or its score editor is open
  • The text displyed to score keepers before entering their access code can be configured in the settings dialog
  • The number of courts can be configured in the settings dialog


To allow devices not on the WiFi network to participate in scorekeeping, a PHP proxy script is available in the sometechie/roundrobinscheduler-proxy repository.


This software is copyright 2011-2014 Some Techie, LLC and released under the MIT license.